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With a 200-year history, has extensive experience in various fields as a construction and timber company. From building and restoring churches in the early 1900s to constructing and restoring apartments, homes, heritage sites, and industrial buildings today, our expertise spans across different types of projects.

New Construction specializes in contracting projects up to class 8, the highest construction class, and is experienced in both public and private initiatives. Our team focuses on building industrial, office, apartment and private housing, and we also have expertise in realizing care centers, such as nursing homes and assisted living homes.

From start to finish, is dedicated to building and supervising your new construction project. Our services include cost estimation, design, earthworks, structural work, and finishing, ensuring a seamless construction process.


Verstraete. team has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in restoration projects over the years. As early as after the First World War, we began restoring churches, and since then, we have completed numerous restoration projects of buildings and interiors.

We enjoy the challenge of restoring facades, reinforcing structures, and carefully preserving and restoring interior details. Our skilled craftsmen work on-site to ensure the highest quality restoration, while other parts of the project are completed in our own workshop to guarantee the necessary precision and attention to detail. Whether it's a historic building, an important cultural heritage site or a treasured family home, we approach each restoration project with care, expertise, and dedication.

Industrial and commercial buildings

Buildings for commercial purposes, especially industrial structures, require a particular focus on time, cost, and efficiency. These factors influence the construction method and approach that is taken. is committed to delivering projects quickly and to a high standard of quality. has a long history of completing construction projects for commercial clients, including the Colruyt Group, in collaboration with R2b, a construction and concrete company based in Roeselaar that has recently become a part of

Design & Build

This is a project delivery system that streamlines the construction process by having a single point of responsibility for both the design and construction phases of the project. specializes in this delivery system, acting as the design contractor and utilizing both our design and construction services to ensure a seamless and efficient project. With our experienced team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals, we can deliver a high-quality project that meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

Project Development provides end-to-end support to project developers in project development. We take on project management duties to enable the project developer to concentrate on their work.

We offer various collaboration options to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.

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Choose your project approach

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Adding value with

Our own project developments form the ideal test environments for optimizing our processes....
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BIM and Virtual Design & Construction

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Real estate Development

A comprehensive range of specialized services
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Design & build

Mitigating risks with a team approach through Design & Build
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General contracting

A traditional approach for builders with typical project requirements
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Construction management

A flexible approach to minimize costs and optimize the building process 
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Integral Project Approach

Working together to increase value and efficiency while reducing the amount of failure costs
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Assisting living appartments

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Efficient Piloting in Industrial Construction

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